A grant is a gift. It is based on the student’s financial need and does not have to be repaid.

Grants for Undergraduate Students (FAFSA required)

Federal Grants

Federal Pell Grant: Eligibility is based on a formula established each year by the federal government. Students enrolled half-time or less-than-half-time may receive a partial grant. The amount varies with program funding.

When completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), if Talladega College was not listed as a potential school of enrollment:

  • The student must submit all copies of the Student Aid Report (SAR) to finalize the award.
  • The award is shown as estimated if the SAR is required and has not been received by the Financial Aid Office.
  • The amount of a Federal Pell Grant indicated on this notice indicates the student’s eligibility based on full-time enrollment for the year (unless otherwise stated).
  • An estimated Federal Pell Grant is not an official award.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG): These are given to full-time students with exceptional financial need, who meet posted deadlines, if funding is available.

  • An estimated award is based on projected eligibility and is not an official award.
  • It is assumed the student will apply for the award and will meet all requirements of the award, including filing prior to deadline dates.
  • The University cannot replace estimated funds which are not awarded due to the failure of the student to apply on time.